J-Modo Importers is one of the most successful and the most influential importers providing its buyers in Europe, especially U.K, with all sorts of garments. The J-Modo panel is always busy presenting its customers with the best services regarding the import of high quality garments, round the clock.

J-Modo Importers was devised in order to fulfill the requirements of our UK customers. The team was incorporated by a number of individuals who had the necessary experience and the mastered expertise. Together, under one name, they have flourished as importers of garments throughout Europe. Up till now, we have supplied many well known brands with numerous fulfilling services.

Our Strength

J-Modo delights in the fact that we are based in two different zones. Our working has a strong foundation not only in Pakistan, but also in U.K. This has always posed as a major attraction for some of the largest brands around Europe.

Having offices in these two prime locations makes us very accessible not only to our worthy customers, but it also enables us to foster a persistent handling with the production houses.

Tradsource, twin sister to J-Modo, works locally executing all the orders and making arrangements for on time deliveries. The team responsible for Quality Check works efficiently and diligently to accomplish the targets.

One the other hand, our team in U.K creates a convenient and an accessible diameter of communication between the clients, and the parties where the orders are placed.