J-Modo Importers provides its clientele with the best of services that leaves them with a happy and a pleasant encounter.


Since we believe in a friendly and a professional environment, we are always able to offer paramount dealings. Our work atmosphere allows us to establish healthy and long lasting relationships with our clients. Maintaining trust and providing quality material is our forte.


We are accessible to our customers at all times and we do not leave them wandering off when the need is urgent and the hour is crucial. We make sure we are always available. We arrange regular meetings between the parties concerned so that there is no unpleasant issue at any point of the merchandising process.


At J-Modo, we make sure that our clients get the best possible rates which are both affordable and competitive. We pride ourselves in making it possible for the customers to get the best quality of garments and that too in the appropriate prices.


In order to avoid any misunderstandings or negligence on part of any party involved, we update our customers on a weekly basis regarding their orders and their status by regularly exchanging Critical Paths. This keeps them informed about what is being done about the orders that they have entrusted us with.

Delivery for Various Garments

We are one of the most capacitated importers around Europe and so we take pride in the fact that we work through proper planning and channels. Our fashion garments are handed over within 100-120 days of the order, knits we provide within 70-90 days and orders from the category home textile in a lapse of 60-70 days.

Warehouse Facility

We use the most reliable transport systems and are able to deliver across the whole country to your warehouses. We also have our own warehouse facility that we utilize for our Landed orders.


J-Modo Importers is considered quite efficient among its customers when it comes to new developments. We keep a constant eye on the latest trends that are going on in the market. We build up a strong co-ordination with the suppliers who are working on the R&D which is also shared with our customers. During sampling with our clients, we give special preference to their requirements and also keep them updated by sharing our knowledge of current market trends.